In 2005, the building was acquired by Mr Stefanos Anastasopoulos (civil engineer) and Dr Katerina Parpairi (architect). The restoration project was undertaken by the architectural firm “Parpairis & Partners” which specializes in restoration projects of existing buildings throughout Greece, which are then transformed into 4-star hotels.

The dilapidated 3 - storey Archontiko was proclaimed “traditional building to be preserved” by the Ministry of Culture, and the restoration work began in 2006. The main aim of the project team / owners of the building, was to make the least interventions possible in the interior of the building and no changes at all οn the external walls and openings. The interior decoration was attended by the architect Dr Katerina Parpairi (Ph.D. Univ. of Cambridge).

The restoration was completed in May 2010 and the Archontiko Leontari is now a traditional 4-star hotel.